Dog Grooming Perth

The Dog Grooming Perth Venue That Truly Cares…

dog grooming perth

Geez I’m glad Mum’s a dog groomer…

Is it wrong to say that my dogs are my family? I love them, I accept them for all their faults, I do what I have to do to make them happy, I only want what’s best for them, I protect them, I nurture them, I guide them, I accept their unconditional love and I give mine, and yes, sometimes when it’s needed I will call their bluff…

That’s family right?

My guess is that your dogs are your family too… To me the fact that you’re here looking at my dog grooming Perth website proves it. The truth is that dogs don’t need to be groomed and pampered the way we here at Britannia Avenue Grooming groom and pamper dogs. Much of it can quite simply be done at home, and some of it, in the strictest sense, might not need to be done at all. Yet here you are, looking for a Dog Grooming Perth service that makes your dog more comfortable and more happy… In my eyes that’s love.. and that’s family…

My dog grooming Perth services are all based around making your dog more comfortable, more presentable, cleaned, preened, buffed, and polished… (Umm, that actually sounds like I’m working on a car… sorry)

Choice of words aside, regular dog grooming Perth can also have potential health benefits. Who better to notice bumps, lumps, and abrasions on your dog than the person who, outside of you, or your vet, has the most hands-on experience with your dog.

I get to know your dog. Their personality, their moods, their demeanour, their vigor and vitality, their ailments, the condition of their coat, the feel of their body, their strength, and their – what’s the word – “zip” or “pep”… perhaps I’ll just call it their “get up and go”.

During the visit to my dog grooming Perth venue, if your dog feels poorly, doesn’t have their usual spark, or has evidence of bumps or lumps, most likely I’ll notice.

So, while your dog is receiving the wonderful results of a fantastic dog grooming Perth service, in a way they are also receiving another set of eyes and hands looking out for any changes in their general condition.

What Dog Grooming Perth Services do You Offer?

Your dog is special to you which makes them special to us! It’s our job to shower your dog with attention and make them feel like they’re the only dog on Earth, all while taking care of some very important dog grooming tasks, such as:

  • Fantastic full dog grooming
  • Pampering with a luxurious dog bath and blow dry
  • Nail Trimming
  • Gland expression (hey, someone’s got to do it!)
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Flea rinse
  • Clipping
  • De-matting

Also I should point out, while I love and adore little dogs (aren’t they so cute…), I actually enjoy grooming dogs of all shapes and sizes. Big dogs hold no fear for me and I will happily work with even your dinosaur-sized dog!

So, at the end of the day (don’t ya love cliches like this), you’re seeking a caring and professional dog grooming Perth service because you love your dog, and I’m offering my caring and professional dog grooming service because I love dogs, and I know I’ll love yours…

I know we can make this work… 😉

For the time that your dog spends with me at my dog grooming Perth venue, they become a member of my family.